About Us

Welcome to IT Bazar
The World we are dwelling in now has been greatly dependent on Technology. People are using technology for their nearly every deed and always seeking for new technologies. In spite of being a Third World country, Bangladesh is no longer lag behind in IT sector and its people have a colossal demand and interest in technology right now for their day-to-day life. To meet this vast demand IT Bazar has been launched in the market with a large number of products and services. Basically, IT Bazar is an online-based technology related products and services providing company which has sailed its business-ship in the Port City Chittagong & Capital Dhaka at 2015.


Since the commencement of IT Bazar, we’ve strived to provide our best and most durable technological products and services to the people not only of Chittagong but also of whole Bangladesh with a very inexpensive price. We offer a wide range of products and services such as computer and its accessories, internet networking or ISP, mobile and its accessories, digital fashion, electronic products, healthcare products, kid’s items, automotive and hardware tools and constantly we’re enlarging the range of our digital product. We also provide our customer with adequate and germane info about a product(s) that they wish to shop directly from our physical or online store.


IT Bazar has not had any record of making any customers disappointed yet with its services or products. People usually think that IT means is just computer and mobile related products. But apart from computer and mobile related products, we have numerous technological products which are the best in quality and price. Besides, the price of our services and products are more inexpensive than other companies in town. People get latest and flawless products, quick home delivery, convenience payment methods and cozy experience while shopping from IT Bazar. That’s why we feel proud to claim that we’re different than other company and customer must choose and rely on us.