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SyRotech 2 port OLT SY-GOPON

BDT 32,000.0


High Stability with low cost and flexible networking construction
Two fixed PON slots with 1:64 splitting ratio at most
GOPON & 2OLT could support 128 ONU maximally
Maximum Transmission distance:20km (1:32 splitting ratio)
Comprehensive Network Management

warranty One year garanty 

In band and out band management;
Support Telnet and local command lines management;
EMS management based on standard SNMP protocol;
Support online upgrading.
Powerful QOS Function
Realize stable and efficient dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA)
Various OAM Function

ONU auto & detection and registration;
Support LGMP and Snooping function;
Support port flow control and flow shaping.
Support routing L3 feature

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